Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Finds Me...

If you were to walk into #203 this evening, you'd see two ole ladies crocheting to obscure bands.  One curled up on the sofa amid crochet blankets & handmade quilts... the other in a rocking chair. 


I love spending quiet crafting time with my roommate. She's a great person to discuss my many many ideas with & she's good at pointing out what will work & what won't.

Anywho, our Friday evenings are often filled with netflix or music and crafts of some kind.  Often times, the craft is something that we swear we're going to wear to church in the morning or something that we have to do now. lol.

This is the beginning of my work in progress (WIP). It's a crochet version of these toe/heel-less yoga socks. I saw a picture in the craft store.  So far I'm almost done with one. We'll see how this works out.
Yoga sock pieces... they don't look like much now, but just wait :)
Roommate is working on a Pins&Needles (our ETSY shop) order. She's making a set of magenta earmuffs. The yarn is soo pretty & soooffffttttt! The original pattern she was following was an older vintage one, but she's altering it as she goes along.
This is the muff's outside part. I love the ruffles ^.^
Well, that's all for tonight. Sunday is Crafternoon, so there will be lots of photos of our friends crafting!

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