Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #1

I must say that thrifting is one of my ultimate favorite things to do... ever... and not in that trendy kind of way either ;-]  I have even converted Lamar to the way of the thrift...

Anywho, yesterday Lamar & I went to Value Village for the first time. It was pretty cool & we dubbed it his store because he found all kinds of awesome things.

He picked up this crochet blanket for $5 & was all excited because now he has his own blanket. I love finding huge crochet blankets in good condition. They are so cozy... maybe one day I'll actually finish mine. Maybe...

Lamar also picked up these 4 games.  
 [Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture 1 & 2; Win, Lose, or Draw; Buzzword.  We also found a Harry Potter Trivia game for my roommate. She spazzed ALL the way out when we gave it to her!]

Yet another thing that Lamar found at Value Village. I've been looking for a new work bag & this one is perfect. It's so cute & quite functional. I wore it to work today & I think I'm going to make a pocket for the outside of it. That's the only thing it's missing... an outside pocket... There's a quick refashion idea.

So that's it for my first Thrifty Thursday post. I hope you enjoyed.

What are your favorite thrift stores? What was your best thrifted find? Let me know in a comment.

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  1. Ok so I am simply browsing your blog and Im getting MAD! You keep finding all these cool things!


Thanks for your comment ^.^ They make my day!