Tuesday, March 20, 2012

North Alabama Craft Show

Sunday, Cherie & I went to the Spring NEACA Craft Show.  We went intending to only spend an hour there, but ended up staying 2 and a half... I have NO idea why we thought we were going to be able to breeze through a craft show.  Anywho, there were so many nice booths set up. I didn't take any pictures, but Cherie did. Maybe I can get her to post them.

Let's see... there were basket weavers, quilters, potters, fudge makers, candle makers, photographers, paper cutters/sculptors, on & on & on...

I think it would be an awesome experience to do a craft show like that. The only fault to it is for the NEACA show you have to be open everyday of the exhibit... and that includes the Sabbath... maybe they'll make a religious accommodation. -shrug- We do live in the Bible belt...

The biggest thing I took away from the show was an inspiration to create more.  Sometimes I get tired of crochet or yarn craft, it's those times that I should challenge myself to learn a new thing. Like how I want to make a quilt... a proper quilt. I should always be in the mind and at the hand of creation. That way I'll lessen the time I spend dreaming of what I could be doing and lengthen the time I spend actually creating.

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