Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crafternoon #9 - Shop Stocking

Hi there :)

Today's crafternoon consisted of me finishing one scarf for the shop and beginning another. I have some really interesting dye ideas for the second one.

Instagram of my finished scarf: stitch detail.

The idea for the second scarf is a dip/drip dye job. I plan to saturate the ends with fabric dye and then hand it so the color will soak down. With any luck I'll have an ombre effect that fades to the original white... we'll see. I'm kinda excited about this plan. There will definitely be photos of the progress.

Instagram of the beginning of scarf #2
I really want to put a lot of time into stocking the Etsy. Mainly because we've had it "open" for almost a year and it's still really... dead... for lack of a better word.  Most of our sales tend to be to friends who have asked personally for products. I mean, I want the Etsy to be successful... I have such big ideas for it.  I just have to get there.  I have to sit down and crochet until my fingers are stiff to make sure that I have product to put out there. I've got a lot to do. But lucky for me I love it.

In other artsy news, my lovely boyfriend has finished part one of his painting for his brother. He decided to do a grid gradient background and then paint the images on top of it. So he finished the last few squares last night. It looks really cool. I kinda want him to paint me one... or maybe two to hang by my bed... (psst... hint hint wink wink LMR). Anywho, here is a progress shot of his painting.

Needless to say, he's very proud of the progress. I'm proud of him too. :~)

Let's see... Roommate has been working on a cowl and it's turning out really nicely.  She's using a beautiful wine/burgundy color yarn & it's super soft.  Here's a pic I snatched from her instagram.

I'm going to call the pattern a modified granny stripe. She said she started doing the regular granny stripe, but felt the spaces were too big, so she altered it.  Gotta love crafty people taking on the spirit of Tim Gunn and makin' it work.

I think that's all for this week's crafternoon session. I'm going to get back to working on scarf #2. I have some other sewing projects in mind for these upcoming days, and I need to get on planning the yarn bombing outing.  There's lots to do here at Apt203 ^.^  Peace.

PS. This is how much my dogs care about my crafting...
Clearly, what I thought was a quilt-top layout plan, was actually a doggy wrestling ring.  Who am I to say different?? lol.

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  1. Hey Girl! Your blog is pretty awesome!thanks for visiting mine! I'm loving the color! <3 ..The enthusiasm we both share for the fibers is going to make us great acquaintances *crosses fingers* lol..I couldn't help but read your post about yarn bombing! I've been dying to meet others who do this! I did it once but its more fun in a group. would love to join you if have room for one more :)


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