Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's in my bag?

Hey there :)

I was suppose to write this post earlier this week but didn't. I've been wanting to regularly do 'what's in my bag' posts but often times I feel like I don't really carry anything very interesting.  But anywho, here is what I've been carrying around in my work bag.

Ok, let's see... I snagged the bag for $2 at a thrift/antique shop a couple months ago. It's really sturdy and surprisingly able to hold all the stuff I tote around daily :) On to the contents:
  1. Wallet... a bit boring & full of receipts.
  2. Planner- I'm trying to get more consistent with planning out my blog posts so I'm not always flying by the seat of my pants out here. It's actually helping a lot. I was inspired to start planning like this by Elycia @ LoveElycia & Kaylah @ TheDaintySquid. They have awesome blogs that show the benefit of pre-planning posts.
  3. Checkbook- cuz I actually use them now... I'm grown and stuff (lol)
  4. My Moleskine journal- Lamar bought it for me a while ago and I really love it. It's full of doodles, designs, crochet patterns, photos, rants, poems, blogs I discovered, and a bunch of other stuff :)
  5. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert- I just started reading this book last week & so far it's really good. The writing style is really conversational & funny. I've actually laughed out loud at points.
  6. Pencil case- I carry WAY TOO MANY pencils, pens, and markers.
  7. Snacks!
  8. Things I don't want to forget... lotion, deodorant, Advil.
  9. Water- working on drinking more water.
  10. Keys... boring
  11. Pocket Mirror- I got this at the thrift store and I really love it. It's really handy.
  12. Hair tie... boring
  13. Chapstick/ Lip balm- I've been using the EOS lip balm and it's ok. Mostly I feel like a crazy person rubbing what looks like a HUGE bubble of chapstick on what looks like my whole face, lol.
 Ta-Da! That's what I've been carrying in my bag this week. It's time for a bag clean out... sigh... I hope your week was nice.

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