Monday, July 9, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #10

Hey y'all ^.^ (I felt like letting my southern out, lol)

Today's Not So Blue Monday will focus on the little things that made me smile throughout the day. 

1. I can actually paint my fingernails!  Painting my nails any visible color was 'strongly frowned upon' in the last office I worked in, but my new spot is much more relaxed in that area.  I always liked the novelty of painting my nails, but now I'm much more excited about doing it because I have the option. 
I got this lavender purple polish yesterday and I thought it was nifty that the inside of the FedEX envelope matched it. :)

2. Blog planning- I'm getting more in to scheduling my posts throughout the month.  It's fun to choose the days and then I have little things to look forward to.

3. A coworker of mine wore the cutest dress today & it made me want to go on a dress buying spree. Unfortunately, I don't currently have the funds to buy the dresses I'm currently loving.  So I'll just drool over the pictures, lol ^.^
'Pin-Up to Par Dress' from
'Soda Fountain Dress' in Ginger from
I LOVE the Soda Fountain Dress SO STINKIN MUCH! Modcloth is a great site to browse for vintage-style dresses and clothes. There is also a home accessories section that is really cute as well.  If I could spend money all willy-nilly, I would totally go wild on there. :)

4. Reading my old blog posts on Golden-24.  I started that blog as a means to track my experiences as I worked towards cultivating daily happiness. There's lots of info about maintaining happiness and how to boost happiness and whatnot. It was pretty great... not to toot my own horn.

I hope you had a nice Monday with lots of noticeable things that made you smile.

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