Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #9

Hi there!

I must say that this particular Monday has to be one of the best Mondays I've had in a long while.  Why? Because I am not in the office with Ms. Battles. ^.^

It feels so good. I'm currently burried under a pile of invoices in this new office, and I'm still a 'temp' employee, but I'm good.

So my first day as a temp accountant went well. My mom got a really good laugh at the thought of me as an accountant though. But I must admit, it is an amusing thought. Well all I can do is work whatever job God sees fit to put me in and trust that He has some kinda plan. But really though... me in accounting? Really now God?? Your thoughts are higher than mine so on I go.

I've been home all afternoon/evening working on heart brooches for the shop. I'm getting tired of making them :-/ but since I didn't want to put down my yarn/hook, I decided to rework my book brooch pattern.  I was able to craft another book- smaller than the first one, but it's still to big to really be a brooch (in my opinion).  I think I'm going to try to rework it maybe once more before abandoning the brooch idea and making crochet books for something else.
Heart brooches. Soon to be listed in the etsy shop.
Crochet Mini-book. Destiny undecided :)

That's about it for my Not So Blue Monday.  I'm starting a new thing and I'm happy about it.  Change is good.

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