Monday, September 24, 2012

A Bit of Modcloth Window Shopping

Hey there ^.^

I said a few days ago that if God gave me disposable income, I would buy my clothes from Modcloth.  Their pieces are sooo stinkin cute! I just want them all in my closet!!!

I also was inspired to do this after reading Elycia's Wish I Wore post from Saturday.

That in mind, I went window shopping :)  I find that I'm mostly attracted to skirts and dresses even though I mostly wear pants to work. That would def change if my skirts/dress wardrobe was magically increased by the Modcloth giving gods... **oh please oh please oh please** So, on to my window shopping.

All dresses from Modcloth

I like to think of this style of dresses as "What Charlotte Would Wear." After watching every season of Sex & The City, I decided if I was going to raid anyone's closet, it would certainly be Charlotte's. Has she ever worn anything not amazing??? Ugh... I need to win the lottery...
All skirts from Modcloth
Let's see... the common skirt denominator is... twirl-ability!  I love circle skirts and skirts with movement. Now pencil skirts are great in their own way, but for everyday wear, give me any of these and a comfy pair of flats and I'm perfect. I think my favorite is a tie between the two in the middle on the bottom row. I seem to not be able to get enough polka-dots, so they're always a win in my book.  I really like the neutral, almost dye-free color of the other skirt. I feel like I'd wear that at least once a week, consistently, year-round.

Yes, ma'am! I would love love love to have these pieces in my wardrobe... Well, that's it... I have to stop torturing myself with these beautiful clothes and go to bed.  At least I'll be amazingly clad in my dreams ^.^


  1. I love that mustard colored dress!

    1. I know! It was the first dress that caught my eye the very first time I went to Modcloth and has been one of my favorites every since.


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