Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photo-an-Hour: Sept. 7th

Good morning!

I finally remembered to do my photo-an-hour post! I wrote it in on my montly schedule for August and still managed to forget all about it.  Well, it's not like you really missed anything though... working in an office does not really lend itself to particularly interesting hours, but I try. 

I decided to do the P.A.H. on a Friday since it's a half day at work.  So here is Friday, Sept 7th in pictures.

8am: Catching up on blog reads before jumping into hours of paperwork.
9am: Paying bills... =P ehh... I suppose it must be done.
10am: Workspace & surprise camo'd nails. I love it when my nails randomly match something :)
11am: What else can be said? *shrug* See <this post> for reasons.
12pm: Leaving the office. Hello weekend!!!
1pm: Snuggles with the puppies. It's always nice when Toot is calm. Seeing as she's normally a blur...
2pm: Folding sheets & putting away laundry in my newly rearranged room.
3pm: Running errands with Lamar.
4pm: Finally finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. Now Lamar & I can watch the movie!
5pm: The BEST CORN EVER!!!! The picture is blurry from my sheer excitement due to the wonderful sweetness, lol.
6pm: Movie night with Lamar, watching The Expendables. Lots of explosion and action... verrrry little storyline.
7pm: Nail touch-up & layout for the church bulletin. The polish color is Dreamer by Revlon & I'm totally in love!
8pm: Writing, writing, writing. I can honestly say that I'm enjoying writing this blog & I hope it grows into something awesome for me and whoever comes across it. ^.^

That's about it for my P.A.H. day. Not a lot of pazazz, but it was a good day nonetheless. I wonder how I'm going to spend my Friday afternoons after Lamar leaves for work in Florida?  I suppose I'll have to actually make friends O.O  Either that, or I'll catch up on my reading and movie watching, lol ;)

What do you suggest I do with my new solo time?

I hope you have a good day!


  1. Toot... so cute! ;)

    My pup Patrick is never still. He's just a giant blur too. The only reason he ever sleeps is because I put him in his crate and night and turn out the lights... lol!

  2. Cute photos!!!

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  3. invisible nails! it makes me happy as well when I am randomly all matchy :)
    That corn looks sooo tasty! Seriously, does it get any better than fresh summer sweet corn?

    PS - This weeks Take Tuesday theme is "Seeing spots" whatever that means :) It's wide open for interpretation. You should definitely join in!

    PSS - it made me smile a lot when I saw my little blog on one of your tabs :D

    1. *chuckle* Yes ma'am I read your blog often ^.^ And I will be taking a shot at 'seeing spots' this week!


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