Thursday, September 20, 2012


Good Morning

Today I'm feeling some kind of heaviness.  It's a bit indescribable and hard to put my finger on. It's a bit anxious and a bit like breath... not being knocked out, but pulled... I have pesky tears in my eyes threatening but without a specific reason I will them not to fall...

I dreamed about this poem last night.

Sometimes the hardest place to be
Is right where youre suppose to be
And I know I asked to be in His will
But sometimes when He leads He blocks the light
And I can't see what's in front of me
You see I'm afraid of the dark
But I know there's an oasis out there waiting for me
But to get there then
I have to be here now
And this aint easy...

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  1. Hey lady, I just read your poem and wanted to send out some encouragement. I've had and am experiencing the same feelings you have right now. If I could offer any comfort I would have to say, keep looking. The light that has been blocked still exists so don't stop looking for it to come back to your view. Your spiritual strength plays a big part in lifting these feelings when they come. <3 much love.


Thanks for your comment ^.^ They make my day!