Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Terribly Terrible Moment at Work

Ok... I'm currently doing a lot of deep breathing to stay calm because of this oopsie I made...

So each month I (or whoever the AP person is) have to submit payments for the previous month's sales tax return... It's to be postmarked no later than the 20th of each month and for the last 2 times I've done it we've gotten all the way up to the day scrambling to get it done in time.  It's been super stressful and I made up my mind that this month I wasn't going to be pulling my hair out come the 20th.

How would I make sure the returns were ready? I would do them a couple days before the postmark day.  Simple right. Isn't that something they teach us for time management?  Don't wait til the last minute?

Evidently, that is not the way I should be operating. Because after I worked my way through the process I was brought to my attention that all the information hadn't been put into the system yet. 

I did the return too early.  And you can't just delete it and start over...

The missing data is suppose to be entered later today, and I've read up on how to do the ammended tax return... So I know how to fix it, but I'm chewing my fingers to the bone about telling my manager about the mistake I made.  When I told him that I was processing the sales taxes, he fanned it away like 'you have two whole days to do that'... I thought I was being timely...


I just want to go home... I hate messing up... hate it... HATE IT... HATE IT!

Hopefully I don't get in too much trouble :-/

Update... I told my manager. He reassured me that it can be fixed and not to worry then left his office to speak with the lady who is to give me the data. He wasn't visibly upset and I sat in his office on the brink of tears cuz I'd gotten myself so wound up about the whole situation...  I'll have the missing data within a few minutes.
I still hate messing up...

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