Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Thursday (Ugh... can this title be any lamer?)

When I woke up for work (a teensy bit later than planned) this morning, I didn't think that my day would include so many awesome-tastic things :)

The work shift was what could be expected with a job title of 'Data Entry' so I won't even speak on that. The meat and goodness of the day came in the bits between.  I was able to steal away a few moments of blog reading after lunch and made this awesome discovery:  Shakti made a quote-pic from one of my favorite poems! I love it when others find appreciation and value in something that means so much to me. [Check out her post -here-]

After leaving work, I went by the library to drop off a cd & dvd that Lamar left and first of all, the traffic was insane... ugh... I hate the stop & go life! Anyway, at the library I met a girl who makes natural hair products (Angela Janelle of Natural Beauty Mart).  We got talking about natural hair then sewing then crafting then crafternoons. I was/am rather proud of myself for not chickening out after the brief natural hair commentary. I actually started the convo about sewing after noticing her looking at that section.  Normally I would just quietly sneak away back to my yarny lair.  But I'm making an effort to be more outgoing and social since Lamar isn't here.  I have hermit tendencies... and I need to address this.

Before leaving the library, I stopped in the "Friends of the Library" used bookshop and got these two.
Streams in the Desert ($1) is a devotional that I first heard of from my friend Sharea.  I remember it being timely... and one can never have too many devotional books.  Of course I had to buy this Needlecraft book. Of course! I love the old books. This one is from... 1975 and I paid 75 cents for it. ^.^ Yay for vintage books for the steal!

FLAG ON THE PLAY!!! I just opened the cover of Streams in the Desert and this is what is written there:
To our Darling Daughter:
I pray that this little devotional book will bless you as mine  has since 1979.
Every time I have been hurt, worried, sick, or just sad, I pick up my book- and it's as if God has a special word for me.
Honey, life isn't easy - but with the Lord's help- we will make it all the way to our eternal home.
Stay close to the Lord. Learn to forgive others & yourself. Be thankful and look for joy everywhere.
Happy 35th birthday - We love you so very much - never forget that.
Always in our hearts & my prayers.
Mama & Daddy

There was more to my day, but I'm going to end this post on that note. Good night and I hope your Thursday was a wonderful one.

Life isn't easy, but there will be streams in the desert...

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  1. Aww! I'm glad I made your day a little better.
    That note in the devotional is the sweetest. Finding personal notes like that is always such a treat. It's a good reminder that books hold the history of everyone they touch. Which sounds totally creepy now that it's written...

    Hey, so I've been hunting around on here looking for you email and can't find it. Email me! I have a proposition for you!


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