Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh, What a Day Was Today.

Good evening!

Let me tell you that this has been quite a day. And lovely enough for me, I don't say that in the normal ragged and worn way I normally say it.

I wanted to construct some amazingly written post about it, but I feel it's better to just outright say it. 

My lovely Lamar got a teaching position! 

I'm so happy for him because he's been searching for another one for a while now and you know how awesome it is when someone is able to work at something they're great at and enjoy? That's him :) He said he got a call from the school this morning to schedule an interview, and when they found out that he was out of state, they just did the interview over the phone.  He got the offer call later on this afternoon.  ^.^ How awesome is God? 

Anyway, the school is in Florida, so we're going to be on long distance terms for a while. That makes me a little nervous because I've never truly had a long distance serious relationship and I don't know what to expect.  I want to get a job in FL so that I can move there too, to be completely honest.  And that was the plan until this happened:

I got a job offer.

A permanent job offer :) It's a part time permanent position in the enrollment office at Oakwood. The manager wants me to start within the next 2 weeks at the latest.  Now my temp position in accounting has gotten more active. They've started the annual audit, and there's so much paper pushing & number crunching that has to be done from my office... I have to talk to my accounting supervisor to see what she says.  The new job is about 6 hours less per week than I'm working now & would be less money, but I'm just hoping beyond hope that it will be something I can feel.  I'm so tired of working jobs that I dislike so immensely that I consider walking out in traffic...  Nobody needs that.

And the funny thing about this offer... I did horrible in the interview. I mean they asked me what my dreams were and I burst out crying and couldn't get it back together for the rest of the time.  When I told my dad about the offer, he laughed and said, "I told you that God's got you. He's a good friend to have."

He is a good friend to have... and I'm very thankful for Lamar's new job (even though it's presenting us with new challenges) and my new job.

So yeah, sorry that there aren't any pictures in this post & its really wordy. But sometimes you just gotta write *shrug*


  1. Congrats on all the good news!!!! Whooohoooo! I'm so happy for you.

    Long distance relationships are hard but they can work. My husband and I did that off and on (even across different states) and somehow, you just make it work.

    I also worked many a bad temp job before. Not fun. I'm so glad you've found a great permanent job... even if you had to shed tears to get it ;)

    1. Thanks for the cheer! *chuckle* What's your advice for long distance relationships?

  2. Congrats on the new job. It's awesome to finally get something that you are interested in. I completely understand the frustration of working in a job that you don't like. I'm currently in the same situation but I try to be positive and push in hopes that I will find what I am looking for. I'm sure you can work out the long distance thing. I was long distance with my boyfriend for 2yrs before I left grad school to be closer.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance :) What kind of things did you do to stay close over the distance?

  3. You know why I like you? Because you cry in interviews. That is totally something I would do. I am also really bad at reigning in tears once they start.
    I am soooo sooooo happy for you! I know how draining crappy jobs can be.
    So happy :)

  4. Hey Caleisha! I like your blog and the items that you are making for Xmas. I'm also looking forward to your call regarding you move to Florida. Yep, I said it! It's fun being your dad. I love you so much!


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