Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's on My Hook? #15: Holiday Craft Update

Hi there :)

It has been quite some time since I last did a What's on My Hook post...  I'm currently (still) in the beginning stages of Handmade Holiday gift making. I just feel like my list keeps growing and growing... It's coming to things like, "well I can't give this person something and not give this other person something."

What's a crafty girl to do??

I'll tell you what! Scour DIY blogs in her free time to find enough easy gifts to make for these people... I know they'd better be happy with what I give them... All this sweat, blood, and tears... lol. No but srsly...

So here are my progression shots of the Drop in the Pond afghan. The pattern is super easy and sooo pretty. The only hard thing is trying to make the time to sit down and actually work on it. But whenever I can sit, the rows work up quickly because it's done in granny clusters.

All that's left on it is one more vertical zigzag on the left side and a white 2row border.  I'm really satisfied with the way its coming out.  And I'm glad because I also have to make it again in a neutral colorway.  I may make a third one for my house. So far, Ive only made one afghan that is out for use and I think I want more yarny goodness around my living space.

You know what? I need a granny square headboard for my bed... Someone find me a pattern for that! lol.

After I finish this afghan, I think I'm going to go into scarf/hat mode because there are... at least 3 scarves and 2 hats that need to be done... and one of the scarves is to have my brother's initials in it.  I really need to review this list and then schedule out time/days to get all this making done. (I suddenly have about 10 more hours free to use, but I'll talk about that in a later post.)

Well, I've got to get my tail to bed so I can be on my best foot tomorrow. It'll be day 3 in my new job and I'm having to gulp down loads of information... So I needs mah sleep :)



  1. I love the title of this post. I have yet to start my holiday crafting yet. Looks like you're putting all that new yarn you were rolling around in to good work ;)

    P.S. Are you doing Meredith's (aka One Sheepish Girl's) yarn bombing day this weekend?? I'm crocheting a few things ...

    1. Yes I am going to yarn bomb something this weekend! What? I havent the foggiest idea, but it's happening. I marked it in my calendar cuz I'm a yarn nerd. ^.^ lol

    2. I've already crocheted up a few pieces to put around. I can't wait to see what you're gonna do! :)


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