Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do More of What You Love

Hello there :)

This evening I would like to officially introduce you to my roommate, Cherie: teacher by day- kitchen superstar by night!
She is a wonderful lady who loves books, cooking, bikes, creepy children's movies & tattoos.  You can routinely find her in the kitchen on Friday nights, welcoming the Sabbath with some type of foodie delight.
Tonight, she's created ginger tofu egg-rolls with red chard & baby bok choy. The kitchen was full of the freshness of chopped veggies & the sounds of Dido. (I haven't listened to Dido in years!)  Whenever Cherie is cooking or baking, I always watch her & think, "that is a woman doing what she loves."  It's a wonderful thing.
"Cooking is the closest I can get to magic.  I love looking into the cupboards and then... just creating.  It's like alchemy."

When working in the kitchen, she is in her sanctuary, her calm after the storm of adult life.  She has found the specific thing that makes her heart swell and her face burst into crazy smiles like this one:

Day to day life for twenty-somethings like us can get really dreary.  We are putting our energy into finishing school, paying bills, looking for fulfilling employment, and a host of other things and by the time we've been divvied up between all the obligations, our spirits are stretched rather thin.  The only way to rejuvenate an out of shape spirit is to find your passion, and that is precisely what she has found.

More often than not, finding and doing more of what you love is overlooked.  We forget that we are not only placed on this earth to complete tasks and pay pipers.  We were put here to make it better, make it beautiful, & in Cherie's case- make it tasty. :-)
"I've always been cooking.  It's like a deep breath... like a secret held & kept." -Cherie on Doing More of What She Loves

[Some of Cherie's culinary influences come from her Jamaican heritage, a love for vegan & west indian cuisine, & various blogs like BrownEyedBaker. She's on twitter @mssarahbellum - instagram @bellabellum & tumblr.  She's a really cool & crafty lady.]

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