Monday, June 18, 2012

What's in my bag... thanks instagram!

Good evening!

I am participating in the June Photo-a-day Instagram challenge (yay!) and today's prompt was 'In Your Bag'.  I've been wanting to do a what's in my bag post, but never jumped in to it.  It seems that today was just the push I was needing :)

Okeedokee... here are the bits & bobs you would find in my bag of the day (clockwise from top left)...
  1. Two new skeins of yarn for finishing the Fritz Project blanket. I had to go on a multi-store hunt to get them. Why must yarn shopping be so involved!?
  2. My ever-present Moleskine notebook. I LOVE this notebook. It's perfect for jotting down ideas or keeping clippings or little notes in the back pocket. I'll definitely purchase more after I finish this one.
  3. Water... it's been really hot lately (welcome summer). So staying hydrated is a must!
  4. Checkbook & pen... cuz I'm a grown-up.
  5. Hairband... boring...
  6. Cinnamint lip gloss from Bath & Body Works. This lip gloss is awesome! I could rave about the minty goodness, but I won't :)
  7. Ticket stub from Rave Theater. Lamar & I had a lovely date night watching the Avengers, but I must say that I enjoyed the individual movies better.
  8. Hand lotion... boring...
  9. Sixlets... Lamar's movie snack that wasn't snacked on. He was very focused, lol ^.^
  10. Brite Crawlers gummy worms. I bought these for Lamar today. That's about it.
And that is the contents of my bag.  Not too exciting, but I did like organizing everything into a nice photo.  I think I may actually do one of these every so often... *shrug* We'll see.  I hope you had a nice weekend & have a great week.

ps. I'm planning to finish the Fritz Project blanket by tomorrow or Tuesday & I'll do a ta-da post.

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