Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's on my Hook #6

I am back for the third time today! On a roll huh?  Although, this is the "regularly scheduled programming."

Anywho, this week's What's on My Hook is the first official Fritz Project blanket! Huzzah!  Now, I know that I wrote about the first blanket being this knitted thing in this post, but let's face it- I was nowhere near patient enough to knit that blanket... My knitting requires huge needles & chunky chunk yarn... but I digress.

I doodled up this plan while at work today based off of a granny square swatch I started for kicks.
Gotta love my layouts/notes done in my weekly planner...
The construction is a bit wonky since I made the plan after I had a 2x2 block done.  That means I'm pretty much spiraling out from the middle.  It shouldn't take me more than a few more nights to pull this piece together.  Now for some pictures! Excitement!
These are the four yarn colors I'm using.
Instagram progress shot.
That is what is currently on my hook. :) The little dogs, Kiva & Toot, should look out because I'll surely be using them as guinea pigs for my blankets.  They'll love it though... yarn loving somebodies...
Toot (left) looks sleepy & Kiva blinked in every picture... ugh the doggy mommy life...

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  1. I ran across your blog from your instagram June photo of the day. What a wonderful blog! Your personality shines in each post and your projects have appeal for anyone. Will enjoy seeing what you are working on in the coming months.


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