Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #7

Good evening there :)

It seems that I've been bitten by the quilting bug and this Not So Blue Monday has been made better for it.  Work went well, which is great to say. But on to my list!

Good things for Not So Blue Monday
  1. getting up an hour earlier than normal & easing into the day
  2. work productivity
  3. catching up with my photo-a-day on instagram
  4. talking to one of my college friends after a long while
  5. "Sew on & Sew Forth" poster for the craft area. (I got it -here-)
  6. clean doggies
  7. roommate being home & crafting with her
  8. watching Coraline
  9. sewing two more flowers into my quilt
  10. telling my mom & dad about my quilt progress & them being happy about it
  11. text msgs from Lamar about how he saved $2 on donuts
I feel like I could keep going!  Evidently, this was a really good Monday.  I think it was the easing into the morning that I did today. I took an extra long shower & spent most of it sitting down in the tub praying.  It was very relaxing... so much so that the annoying things that the office manager did today didn't bother me as much.  I guess I'll try to do this again tomorrow & maybe make it a regular thing... That is, if I stop having these late late crafting nights, lol.

But seriously... what are the chances of me crafting less??  Slim...

I tried to create a collage of photos that go with my list, but I'm sleepy now & don't feel like fussing with it anymore tonight... Maybe I'll add it tomorrow.

Goodnight :)

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