Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sabbath Crafting

Hello there!

This is what I spent my evening doing :) Spinning yarn & watching "Clash of the Titans" with Lamar.  I found the dream catcher for $5 at Thriftmart & immediately thought "I could SPIN this!!!" 
1. Thrifted Dream Catcher; 2. Salvaged roving; 3. Pet slicker brushes for carding; 4. blended rolags; 5. salvaged roving spun into yarn.

I wasn't sure how to clean it up... I mean there was all manner of smutz, bits & tangles in it. But what's expected from scavenged roving.  I spent a bit of time talking with Mrs. Melissa & Mrs. Laurie at this month's Art Stroll & they gave me some suggestions. Mrs. Melissa said I should get 2 pet slicker brushes to 'card' the tangled up wool, roll it into 'rolags,' & spin from them.  Ms. Laurie said that I should use the really tangled wool for felting. 

So after cleaning up my roving, I was able to spin a whole dark brown section on the drop spindle I bought from Ms. Melissa. Then I practiced carding (which is NOT as easy as it looks... at least not with slicker brushes).  I carded/rolled the white & orange fiber. Then I worked on blending the two. I'm going to spin them tomorrow, I think (once I take the brown yarn off the spindle).

Another thing I noticed about the scavenged dream catcher fiber is that the white fiber is half the length as the orange & brown fiber.  So that's got me thinking that it may not all be wool, but I have more research to do on that front.  I do know it's all animal fiber (I did the burn test).  Now I've just got to figure out what fiber it is.

Anywho, it's late & I'm heading to sleep because we're going to actually have Crafternoon tomorrow! Huzzah!

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