Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo-an-Hour: June 6, 2012

Hi there!
I have ...finally... decided to post my photo-an-hour that I did earlier this month.  It's the second one that I've done and I really enjoy the challenge of actually remembering to take the pictures. 

So without any more ado, here are some tidbits of what I did on Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

Enjoy ^.^

I started my morning off listening to Afrocubism. I ripped it to my office computer and all the album info was Japanese... surprise of the day o.O

Breakfast time! Apple juice and nutter butter cookies. I know, how healthy of me.

Checking things off my list & feeling very productive.

Sorting AMEX receipts... statement reconciliation time. Big woop...

Lunch time! My dear Lamarzapan made me a veggie chicken salad. It was awesome!

Admiring the beautiful day from inside my cube... This picture makes it look like I sit in utter darkness at work... that's what it feels like sometimes... *shrug*

Almost done with the first AMEX reconciliation! As straight forward as this task is, it takes FOR-stinkin-EVER!

One statement done. Two more to go...

In the midst of papers, receipts, and bills, I've got yarn on the brain.  I find that my fingers get fidgety for hooks and yarn these days.

Good-bye office!!!!! Leaving is the best part of the day! ^.^

Soaking up some afternoon/evening sun. A little vitamin D is a great thing :)

An evening nap most definitely turned into 'Good night'... I didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up confused the next morning, lol.


So that was my day in photos. I'm looking forward to doing another one... I think I'm only going to do them on the weekends or Fridays, otherwise they could get really boring... I mean 'look it's my desk and stuff on it' for like 5 hours... what the crap is that?!?

Anyway, I hope you had a great day & do something fun with your weekend. Peace ;)

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