Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sabbath Crafternoon 6

I have completely been on a crafting kick this weekend! This is a refashion project.  I thrifted a few baskets & locker shelves to hold produce in the kitchen since we don't have a pantry or much other storage for that matter.  
Progress shots
The baskets are lined inside with a couple layers of cling wrap & covered outside with a neat red/white stripe fabric.  Originally I was going to make 3 baskets, but 2 works better.

I didn't photograph the locker shelves because I haven't painted them white yet.  Now we have a nice place to keep our veggies and fruit that don't need refrigeration :)

I love thrifting & finding pieces that can be refashioned for use around the house.  Yay for making Apt 203 better! ^.^

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