Sunday, August 12, 2012

Calli's Crafty Weekend Pt. 1

Hi there!

I have set up my crochet workspace at Books-a-Million again. Unfortunately the internet isn't working at home right now, so until further notice, I'll be blogging from work or BAM.  It's cool tho, it gives me a chance to do more public crafting.  I still get a little butterfly-stomached whenever I'm packing up my yarn and hooks to take out of the house.  I feel like people are going to stare at me like "What the heck is she doing?"  So far, that hasn't happened... I'm just paranoid. *shrug*

SO! On to the crafty weekend I've been having. =D

Friday afternoon, I went to Fiber Art Works to pick up the contrast color fiber for my handspun yarn.  I came back with a gold-ish colored fiber. (I forgot to ask Ms. Nina what kind of fiber it was.  When I find out I'll update this.)  Whatever it was, the length was maybe 3+ inches and it was a DREAM to spin. I spun up the whole ounce of fiber that night!

I am really loving Fiber Art Works.  Ms. Nina is very helpful and quick to give tips and assistance for fledgling fiber lovers like myself.  I feel like I have found my own yarn store ^.^ lol.

OK, Sabbath evening, I finished spinning the yellow fiber I've had for a few months & this morning I plied them together.  At first, I wasn't sure that I was going to like the two colors together, but after the plying was underway- it grew on me. Here's what it looked like.

(Check out the spindle I made!  WOOT! I'm so stinkin' proud.)

Now, all I have left to do is crochet up a little something with my yarn. I'm leaning towards a bow or a quickie project.  I forgot to measure the yardage before I wound it into the ball... oops. Next time I'll remember to do that.

My newest project on the "crochet front" is a set of slippers. (I wrote about their beginnings -here-)  I have successfully finished them today in BAM. I did resist the urge to put them on and walk around, lol. I'll save that for the privacy of my home.  They look pretty cute, and give off a bit of an east indian vibe... not sure why... Anywho, I like them and I think they'll be well used- as long as Miss Toot doesn't think they're her new chew toys.

BAM workspace
Completed slippers ^.^
Well that's about it crochet-wise regarding this weekend. I'm going to get ready to head home and work on my finished object with the handspun.  Wish me luck!

(I have a part 2 to this post that will go up tomorrow. I didn't want to write an obscenely long post.  I'm looking forward to writing it because the colors in the pictures are... yummy... for lack of a better word.)

Last thing!
I wore my hair out today and I'm so very in love with it!
Ok. Peace y'all!

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