Friday, August 3, 2012

So I Went Thrifting... [belated Thrifty Thursday post]

Hey, good morning :)

On one of my thrift store visits, I decided to browse the aisles and take pictures of the things that made me smile. Often times, when I'm stressed or worried, visiting a thrift store is the best remedy.  I don't know what it is about second-hand shops or little hole-in-the-wall charity stores, but moving through the rows of donated things searching for treasures just makes me feel better.  Sometimes I can actually feel my muscles relaxing... I know- weird... But hey, whatever works, right?

So here is a little photo dump of thrifty things that made me smile.
I recently saw an awesome letter wall... maybe I'll do one...
View Master! Oh childhood... ^.^
Hanging owl lantern
Some sort of cat-like head statue... It remids me of MirroMask.
I really wanted to buy this set of glasses. But we have no space :(
Vintage Merry Mushroom Tea Kettle
Carved sewing supply box. Sooo pretty!
So yeah... my favorite thrift store was pretty much teeming with awesome little treasures... I'm considering going back and getting the tea kettle... but I'm going to ponder it a while more. If it's still there on Monday, I think I'll get it.

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