Monday, August 27, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #13: Puppy Love

Hi ^.^

I hope you had a great Monday. I was evidently quite tuckered out from a day full of office work because I came home and promptly passed out for an hour... Much to the dismay of my pups who need to be fed...

Anywho, not a lot happened today not-so-blue-wise, but I did take my dogs to Petco to get groomed and after one escape attempt by Kiva and a whole lot of barking from Toot, they finally got handed over.  After work, I came to pick them up and was surprised with this:

Yes, that is red nail polish with yellow polka-dots! How cute!  Finally, Kiva has been "girly-fied"!!! People always think she's a boy. So now she's a fancy pants girl :) lol. I got a real good laugh out of her paw-dicure

Well, I'm off to feed them dinner and then get down to the night's crochet work :)



  1. A paw-dicure! You kill me! lol!

    I haven't even tried nail art on myself. You have one stylish pup! :)

  2. Thats so cute! I hope it didn't hurt the pup when they did it.


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