Monday, August 20, 2012

Shooting Film

Hey there :)

I decided to bring my Pentax out to play on Thursday at the last Art Stroll.  I was feeling experimental after reading a tutorial on double exposures :)  However... the tutorial I read did not work properly, so I ended up with a bunch of split exposures.  Even though they didn't come out exactly how I dreamed, they are still interesting. Here are a few of them.

Left side: double exposure of my & Lamar's faces. Right side: double exposure of my lap/a plant.

Left side: the other side of the lap/plant double exposure. Right side: half of a plant/Lamar double exposure.
I also took some regular exposures around the Art Stroll.

Atlanta-based musical group, Unknown Lyric was the live entertainment.
Post stroll eats at Sam & Greg's. They have great pizza and gelato.
Honey Goat Cheese gelato... sounded terrible... tasted AMAZING!
Accordion player outside of Sam & Greg's.
That's it for my film photos. The next roll of double exposed film will be proper doubles. I can't wait. I think I'm going to plan out the shots before so that they are specific and not just of my lap and a plant... lol. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Peace :)


  1. they turned out great! :) I always love the look of film photos, they're so magical!

  2. Oh, that is pretty cool. Never heard of split exposures before.

    Not sure if you've heard of the app Duomatic for the iphone. It lets you create a double exposure effect too.

    I played around with that app a bit here:

    I hope you give the double exposure thing a try again with your camera. :)


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