Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Natural Hair Woes...

Ok. This post is not crafty in the least bit, but I gotta get it out..

UGH! I am so frustrated with my hair right now...

I decided to blow dry it out to loosen the curl pattern. But since my hair is SOOO THICK and SOOO TIGHTLY CURLED that I've been working on it for 30 mins and have only gotten through maybe a 4th of my head. le'sigh

Sometime I really want to just chop it all off, but I think about how long I've had it... My BC (big chop) was in the spring of 2007 and I've been 'growing' it ever since.  I've had a nearly 4 year old set of locs and picked them out out of curiosity. Now I have a head full of loose natural hair that comes roughly to the middle of my back when it's pressed.  When it's curly the texture is something like 4B-4C.  I'm terrible at styling.  I watch these lovely ladies on youtube being awesome and creating beautiful with their hair... I wish my hands were talented hair-wise.

Somebody help me with all this hair!!!!

Oh well... I'm going to water down my hair to curl it back up now... and put a bit of conditioner in it.

Twist out here I come...

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  1. I always have natural hair woes. I stopped straightening my hair because it was too time consuming not to mention my hair was smell awful. I just keep curly now. Thankfully there are a lot of products out there that help with the curly hair chicks. Definitely not the story when I was in middle school. Besides..natural is awesome anyway.


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