Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's on My hook? #11

Hi there! ^.^

Today's WOMH post is featuring some very special yarn... Yes, my 3 hand-dyed wool yarns have been crocheted up into a lovely finished object.

3 perfect little yarn cakes ^.^
I decided that I want to wear more hats. Now being of the natural hair persuasion and having gobs of hair, most hats simply don't fit. Solution: make a slouchy hat that will fit my hair :) Yay! And here it is...
Pardon the flash... it's night time.
I really like how the orange marbled yarn came out. I think it's my favorite...  Hmm... what else, the size of the beanie is sufficient for my hair when it's twisted down and there's extra space for when it's out. Since I used wool, this hat will be a perfect "pick me up shot of color" in the winter time.  Lastly, I'm not yet sold on the pom-pom, but that's a minor thing. 
I'm so proud of this hat and can't wait to wear it out.  I think I'm going to go ahead and make up a few of these. It was a relatively quick project and is very flexible color-wise.

I hope you had a nice day, oh and I'll post a picture of the hat in daylight so you can see the actual colors :)

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