Monday, August 6, 2012

Crafternoon #11

Good morning!

I have been working on little crochet pieces this weekend, and I'm proud of how they turned out.  I am almost finished attaching the brooch backs to the butterflies. At first I was going to hot glue them on, but then I decided that it would be more secure and neater if I sewed them on.  What I didn't think of was how long that was going to take! It takes FOREVER! But they look good, so *shrug* ehh... might as well.  I'm wearing 2 of them on my cardigan today and put a picture up on instagram and I've already gotten a request for some. They just need to be photographed and listed in the shop. I'm serious about having stock in the shop this fall/winter!

Excuse the bored look on my face... It was a bit early-ish...
Back to Crafternoon... It was a 'just me' crafternoon as roommate is out of town and Lamar had to work. So I pretty much watched movies and crocheted among other random housework. I really wish I could stay at home and craft more.  I find that I have soo many ideas for projects that I want to do but not enough time to make them happen :/  I mean I get into a groove on whatever I'm currently working on and I look up and it's 11 o'clock... So I have to stop so I can sleep for work... Then I'm in the office from 8am-5:30pm dreaming up new designs or looking for inspiration online... writing down notes and doodles for things I want to create when I get home.

Maybe I'm just disorganized...

I made myself a schedule for today. It goes from 8am until midnight and hopefully it'll help me to complete the things I want to for me as well as get things done in the office without much daydreaming... *shrug* We'll see.

I digressed... Here was my crafting setup last night.

I pretty much tend to use my computer as a desk while watching youtube videos. Half of the butterfly brooches have their backs sewn on and the other half are going to be done this evening. That's it for now.  I'll be posting my Not so Blue Monday post later on this afternoon :)

Peace & have a great day!

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