Monday, August 6, 2012

Not so Blue Monday #11 [Photos that made me smile]

Afternoon :)

I hope your Monday has been treating you well. Mine has been pretty ok. Just the same ole same ole things to do in the office.  Invoices to pay... mail to open and sort... phone calls to answer... accounts to charge... blah blah blah...

In the midst of it all, I took some time to look through the hundreds of photos on my Nikon's SD card... [I haven't cleared the card since February!]  Of course there were lots of "Oh! I remember that!" moments and I'd like to share some of them with you. :)

These two pictures were taken at Oakwood. I love candid photos because you get to see what was really happening. The first photo is of my Lamar playing intramural basketball and the second is after the Art&Soul valentines show 'Luvapalooza'.  Check out roommate dancing centerstage ^.^

A few of my friends got together and started a pretty awesome band called The 911 Reporters (click for their site!!). They're a amalgamation of... I was going to try to discribe their sound, but I can't really. It's music you can't sit still to. They're great, I'm slacking because I don't have their CD yet... sorry guys! These photos were from when they performed at Concerts in the Park maybe a month ago... I really should put them on disc for them to use if they want.

Every so often I'll get bitten by the photography bug & have to go on an adventure with my camera.  These shots were from the MOST AMAZING sunset I've seen in quite a while.  I love being alone with my camera and finding the art or the beautiful in the everyday. I think in these times that my eyes are the most open.  Like I'm seeing everything. 

Of course there were lots of pictures of my pups. These girls are my babies and theyre honesly spoiled... hence the ice cream bucket. (They were licking out the melty bits after I ate the rest.) I like seeing their little quirks- like how Kiva hates the flash of my camera (she blinks so epicly every time) and how Toot manages to always get in to something (she unraveled my roving while I was spinning... I guess I wasn't paying her enough attention). Kiva also likes to watch anyone cook. I feel like she wants to do it herself... we always joke and say if only Kiva had thumbs and was taller, she'd be cooking all the time.  She's like the Ratatouille of the dog world.

Ok... I'm not going to post anymore photos... this post is already long enough.  I guess you can see that I really do have quite the affinity for pictures.  I think everyone needs them. And not just the special times. Regular days should be photographed too. So you remember.

What are your favorite photos of? I'd like to see them ^.^

I hope you have a good evening, peace!

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  1. OMG, pups eating ice cream. Your pups might be even more spoiled than my two 'furry babies'. lol!

    Love your crochet projects. The butterfly brooches are so cute! I'm usually better about crocheting in the fall and winter... luckily fall is on the way... :)

    My current project is crocheting some mini-mittens for decorating for the holidays. I'll have to share them on my blog sometime.

    Have a great weekend!


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