Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's on My Hook? #13

Good evening!

I am [once again] crocheting & blogging from Books-a-Million.  It's cool though, just reminding me of life before internet at home, lol.  It also seems that every time I come here there is something interesting happening. Last night was scrabble club & I observed how intense scrabble games can be. Tonight there was a guy listening to latin music with headphones. The funny thing about it was not only could I clearly hear his music, he would randomly start mumble-singing along. The other people in the cafe' would look up very awkwardly every time he did it. -chuckle-

So! On to what's on my hook tonight!  I finally settled on a bow pattern. I started with this pattern, but ended up modifying the stitches and whatnot...

2ply handspun for the bow body.
It was so cool to see how my yarn works up. I'm a bit excited and already thinking up other colors to spin. I think I'm ready to start spinning with blended batts ^.^
1ply handspun for the bow's middle bit.
At first I was a little miffed about the inconsistent thickness of the single... but after crocheting it up, I actually like the texture.
All together. Only missing the brooch back or hairclip.
The finished bow measures 5" wide and 3" tall. It's a bit big for a brooch, but a good size for a hair bow. So I'm thinking about putting both a brooch and hair clip on the back.  I mean imagine this little bow as a bowtie with a collar shirt... ^.^  I think that'll be cute.

So yeah, that's what I was working on tonight. I can't wait for Ms. Laurie & Ms. Melissa to see it tomorrow. I hope my excitement doesn't make the work day stupid long though...

Have a great night & a wonderful morning.


  1. Your Books-A-Million sounds like a happening place! ;)

    Love the bow pattern. I'm bookmarking it to my to do list. I'd love to make some hair clips out of those.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    P.S. You asked about the lavender lemonade. I really liked it. The smell was divine... soooo good. You could always steep it for less time to keep the lavender taste from getting too strong. Let me know how you like it if you try it.

  2. That bow is adorable! I don't knit/crochet so your words about unevenness...yeah, I see no flaws. It definitely has a lovely texture though.
    I would love to see the outfit you work this into!


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