Monday, August 13, 2012

Calli's Crafty Weekend Pt. 2

Good Morning :)

This is Part 2 to my Crafty Weekend post... but I guess you know that from the title... (rolls eyes at self).  Anywho, I wanted this particular craft to have it's own post because I'm so excited about it! I would say guess what I made, but that's kinda dumb since you're reading, but here are the pieces that added up to something pretty awesome:

I make two (count 'em 2!) drop spindles this past weekend!  One was from the parts shown above and the other has a clay whorl.  I'm so proud of myself. I found the steps for the wooden spindle on Joy of Handspinning & the steps for the clay spindle on Instructibles.  (Make the Wooden Spindle // Make the Clay Spindle) Both sites are full of a lot of useful information.

Anywho, it was harder than I expected to make the spindles. Primarily because you have to drill the hook hole in the center of the dowel or the spindle will wobble. Needless to say, both of mine wobble, but it's not really bad.  So here they are :) My two new spindles!

The dowel measures roughly 12 inches on each.
The notch in the whorl is to help the yarn stay in place. Works well.

The wooden one. It looks like it needs color desperately!
There you have it. The second part of my crafty weekend. As you likely saw in my last post, I've already used the clay spindle and it works well. I like the weight it has compared to the wooden one. I want to figure a way to add weight to the wooden one... I feel like it won't be as useful, but I guess if I wanted to spin something really dainty I could use it. I suppose so.

I had a lot of fun making these spindles and I'm planning to make another clay one eventually.  And who knows, maybe I can make a little money with them when I get the steps down well. A lady can always use more pocket change ^.^

That's all for tonight. I hope you had a pleasant Monday and made some time to do something you love.

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